About Us

Commander: John Schiff

1st Lieutenant:  Mike McDade

2nd Lieutenant:  Bill Gormley

City of Peoria Liaison Officer: Steve Langley

The principle mission and purpose of The Westbrook Posse, Inc. is to provide the community of Westbrook Village with a force of volunteers to protect and serve the residents of Westbrook Village and assist the Peoria Police Department in the Village, when requested.  Posse members are civilians, and have no peace officer status.  Posse members are not involved in the day-to-day delivery of law enforcement services.

The Westbrook Posse, Inc. is an organization made up of volunteers to serve as trained posse members and trained office dispatch members.

The Westbrook Posse, Inc. provides security protection and visual security presence within Westbrook Village. Focus areas include:  resource assistance for first responders, traffic control, accident scene security, vacation house checks, vehicle street patrols and community service activities.

The Posse relies on the generosity of the community to totally fund the activities of The Westbrook Posse, Inc.