The Posse provides a range of services to the residents of Westbrook Village including:

Patrols – The community is patrolled from 8am to 9pm six days per week (excluding Sunday)

Vacation Checks – Residents can request their property be visited weekly by officers who will check doors and windows to ensure they are locked and they are no visible signs of damage, including the garage door. In addition, look for any damage caused by rodents, leaking water etc. which would be reported to the owner’s key holder.

Welfare Checks – Check the well-being of residents from concerned friends or family

Solicitation – The only individuals or companies with permission to solicit within Westbrook Village are Religious organizations, political parties, censor takers and scouts. All other will be asked to leave the community once reported.

Suspicious Persons/Vehicles – You know your community better than anyone, the Posse watches for these suspicious individuals and vehicles. If you see something that doesn’t look right call us.

Lost Pets – We do help in the search; we will do what we can to assist the owner.

Traffic Control – Provided for special events including the NCAA Women’s Golf Tournament, Shredding opportunities and assisting both the Peoria Police and Fire when requested.